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The installation of tile is a trade which over the past decade has evolved into a high tech version of its former self. With improvements to the formulas of roll on crack isolation and membrane waterproofing products have come modern new techniques for achieving much higher quality tile installations in and outside the shower.

Now for an affordable fee homeowners can enjoy the benefits of waterproofed floor systems which previously were only available in ultra high end applications. Products like Aqua D, Noble TS, and even industry giant Shluters Kerdi and Ditra lines are leading the way with creative effective new solutions to age old tile installation and shower build issues such as reducing curb height, reducing pan depth, crack isolation, and tile substrate bondage complications.

A solid quality tile installation relies on a few key factors, achieving proper deflection rating of the sub floor, substrate adhesion, and thinset and bonding material failure.

The deflection rating of your floor is based on the span of your joists, the size and type of your joists, vertical load from bearing or non bearing walls above, and subfloor type and thickness. A rating of 1/360 is the recommended minimum by code.

To give you an idea what the construction of a floor system which meets the 1/360 requirement is like, the following is an example. A floor which has 2×10 nominal floor joists spanning 12 feet with an 1 1/4″ of solid cdx wood subfloor or two layers one 3/4″ and one 1/2″ 4 ply sheets wood glued together barely exceeds this requirement.

There is a huge misconception in the tile installation trade that adding cement board to the floor is the go to approach for any tile installation. In many cases cement board can be counterproductive because of a huge addition of weight to the in many cases already over burdened maxed out floor joists and cement boards inability to provide additional structural support to the sub floor system.

The concern lies in the subfloors flexing between the floor joists. In commercial and high end applications knowledgeable installers have been laminating subfloors with an addition layer of plywood and gluing the two together prior in to installing cement board for years.

Cement boards primary function is to provide an excellent medium for the cementous setting material to adhere to. It also creates a crack isolation or bond break between the wooden floor system and the tile’s immediate adhesion layer at the tile to thinset connection. This allows the structure to move a little while it reacts to temperature and humidity differences in your home as well as when it is facing abnormal conditions from either weather or temporary foreign loads such as large furniture like a water bed without breaking the tiles immediate bond, thus drastically reduces the chances of failure in the form of cracking or grout chipping. Cement board has its place in tile installations but that ground is diminshing.

Custom Kitchen Tile by Ohio Home DoctorNow with products like Aqua D, Hydro Ban, and Red Guard we are able to concentrate more on building a solid floor system and less on conserving elevation while adding an additional layer of cement board. These crack isolation membrane products have three inherent advantages. First they far exceed crack isolation properties of even a half an inch of cement board by chemically making a mechanical bond to both the wood substrate and applied setting material. Secondly, it provides a terrific bonding medium for the thinset. Thirdly, these membranes are when applied at proper mils 100% waterproof. So much so that Aqua D has become our go to waterproofing material for even wet locations such as tub walls.

The tile installations we complete are 100% waterproof almost eliminating the risk of structure damage from broken dishwashers, laundry machines, and unexpected flooding making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, steam showers, and any other area you desire a long lasting tile installation.

We are the everything tile answer for you and feature;

  • Kitchen tile
  • Back-splash tile
  • Tile countertops
  • Marble tile
  • Granite tile
  • Travertine tile
  • Bathroom tile
  • Custom size poured concrete shower bases with tile floors,
  • Flooring tile, wall tile, commercial tile, exterior tile patios, and slip resistant restaurant tile.

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