Custom Carpentry

Custom Carpentry in Dayton Ohio

Ohio Home Doctor is a top quality Carpentry Contractor Serving the Entire Dayton, Ohio Area.  From custom built cabinetry to fine interior trim work our skilled craftsmen strive to impress you while working on your home. Building quality interiors is a fine craft. Anybody can buy a shop saw, set it to 45º, and slap together some casing, but it takes experience, skill, and a fine attention detail to be able to take the time to properly analyze the actual angles and apply glue and install biscuits into the case work. A profesional trim job makes a noticeable difference to a home’s decor.

Carpentry is an acquired skill.  You have probably witnessed somebody trying to install custom trim and crown molding the first time. Trim is expensive. Often times its cheaper to hire a professional rather than wasting large amounts of material attempting to get it right.

It’s obvious when somebody doesn’t know what their doing.   Don’t bother yourself with that, call us and get it done professionally the first time!

We can also use stock or special order trims to accent walls, install chair rails and Crown mouldings. Its also been a popular request of our clients to use a combination of tencil mouldings and chair rails to create a raised panel look to accent dinning rooms and home offices.

What ever your ideas may be, we can find the right solution for your residential and commercial carpentry needs.

Other Carpentry services include:

  • Carpentry work
  • Custom carpentry
  • Finish carpentry
  • Finish carpenter services
  • Trim carpentry
  • Cabinet making
  • Custom wood working
  • Entertainment stands
  • Custom closets
  • Shelving
  • Stairs
  • and many more!

Call Ohio Home Doctor today at (937) 605 – 6882  for all your home remodeling, home improvement, and carpentry contractor needs in Dayton Ohio for a free estimate.